Friday, December 17, 2010

Dear Imam (as)

Bismillah Arahman Araheem

Dear Imam (as)

Asalaam Alaaykum

I am very sorry for all the horrible things that people have done to you and your ancestors. You remain true to God in all ways and those who align themselves against God align themselves against you.

I know you are on the right, but I also know that I am sinful, unrepentant, lazy, loving the world too much, and more sorry and consumed over my own minor troubles or pleasures of this life than what I should really be sorry and consumed or joyful over.

Even so, I hope to be counted as your ally while I have not earned it. I do not find myself as close to you as I should be, given what I know and believe about your status. I do not have any merit to approach you, however I still wish to offer condolence for the sacrifice of all at Karbala and all before and since.

I do not even like to think about those events due to their ugliness. Other people think and cry and reform themselves, and I just do not want to face the sadness and ramifications of the fall of mankind in such acts against godly people. How can I feel sad enough - it seems impossible -and I push it away because I find it hard to bear.

May peace be upon you and all of your allies at all times and in all places.

Fi Amanillah