Saturday, April 11, 2009

Dua Tawassul

Recited by ladies in Stanmore UK:

Monday, April 6, 2009

The 11th Imam was once asked of the signs of a mo'min (believer).He listed the following signs.

There are a few qualities here I need to improve on, how about you?

He is one prays 51 rakaats of salaa daily.
He prostates on Khake Shafaa.
He wears rings on his right hand.
He repeats the verses of Azhan & Ikama.
He recites "Bismillah" loudly in Salaa.
He prays his Fajr Salaa before the stars disappear and his Dhuhr prayers before the sun starts to decline.
He recite Qunoot in Salaa.
He dyes his hair and beard.
He recites 5 takbirs in Salatul Mayyit.

Imam once wrote in his letter to Ali ibne Babweh Qummi:

"Praise be to Allah. As you are from our shias so I advise you:

• Be pious and virtuous
• Forgive and pardon the mistakes of people
• Suppress your anger
• Do sila-e-Rehmi (do good with your relatives)
• Help the needy
• Get acquaintance with Holy Quran
• Establish prayer (salat/namaz) and perform ibadat

follow my commandments and induce others to do so. "